Municipal Water & Wastewater

One of the two major areas of focus for EES is the Municipal water and wastewater market.  Whether it is working directly with the operations staff to find a solution in the field or working with the Owner and Engineer to provide a municipality a design that will provide the municipality a cost effective treatment option, EES has you covered.


Since EES opened its doors in 2003, we have put an emphasis of spending time at the treatment plants.  This allows us to better understand the task at hand and provide the operations staff with a desirable solution.  This hands-on approach gives the operations staff another set of eyes in the field to troubleshoot existing issues or look for new treatment options.  Through the years, EES has directly provided municipalities solutions for screening, screenings handling, grit handling, sludge pumping, DO tracking, polymer addition, aeration, UV disinfection, digestion mixing, gas handling, valve & gate replacement, and clarifier equipment.


For larger retrofit projects and greenfield plants, our presence in the field allows us to better assist the Owner and Engineer when they are in the design phase.  In addition to this field presence, all of EES’s territory managers are degreed engineers. With this experience and background, EES’s staff understands that there are many solutions to each treatment objective and will work with the Engineers and Owner to find cost effective solutions.



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