Engineered Equipment Solutions

Engineered Equipment Solutions is a manufacturer's representative company offering quality process equipment for the water and wastewater industry operating in Iowa, Nebraska and the Rocky Mountain Region.  Our staff focuses on working with engineers, municipalities, industries, and contractors on projects from beginning to end.  We offer innovative solutions throughout the entire wastewater treatment process including screens, grit removal, odor control, biological treatment processes, aeration, sedimentation, UV disinfection, solids handling, slide gates, valves and much more. For all of your water treatment needs, no matter what your raw water source is, we have solutions including inclined plate settling, filtration, ion exchange, ozone, UV disinfection, chemical feed, clarification, valves, ultrafiltration membrane systems and reverse osmosis. We value our clients and look forward to partnering with you on all your project needs.



Rocky Mountain Office

Ph: 303-301-4226


Iowa Office

Ph: 641-483-2904


Nebraska Office

Ph: 402-880-0321